Take this Quick and Easy Assessment to See How Healthy Your Money Relationship Is
This free, short, scientifically based assessment will help you determine if your marriage is healthy or hurting and the next step you need to take towards a Magnificent Marriage.   Scott & Bethany
70% of marriages claim money as their main reason for divorcing. See exactly how healthy your Money Relationship is and take steps TODAY to protect your marriage from this statistic!
Learn a little more about how this assessment can be the start towards a Magnificent Marriage!

Meet the creators of The Money Relationship Assessment

Scott & Bethany Palmer, The Money Couple, have dedicated their lives to helping others strengthen their relationships.
With 43 years of combined financial planning experience, they are regulars on national TV and radio, and speak internationally about love and money.
They have put in countless hundreds of hours of research into the Money Relationship Assessment, The 5 Money Personalities, and even enlisted the support of a Stanford educated statistician. All for you to have a Magnificent Marriage.
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